Dealing with Australian Grass Fed Beef Industry Issues

Australian Beef

Beef Eaters Chickening Out!

This graph clearly shows that beef consumption is on the decline while chicken is growing in popularity.

Price is one factor, while eating quality being consistent is another. Chicken is always consistent in quality.  The chicken industry does not sell laying hens as prime chicken.

We have failed to replicate such Quality Assurance through MSA despite the $100 of millions of dollars spent.

Where Has The Money Gone??? “gobble, gobble”

According to MLA the reason for chicken being cheaper is that chicken production costs have reduced while the beef production costs have risen. The previous chart suggests that the production costs have little to do with retail price of beef. The fact is that the producers are the price takers and without a well-resourced body to look after producers interest the supermarkets, and processors, will continue to walk over them. Could it be possible, as shown earlier, that the cost of production of beef has been absorbed by the producers?

In justifying their research, MLA has not focussed on per capita consumption or price received by producers, instead have focused on the increased value of meat sales to “the industry”. The question is, Who is ‘the industry’? The processors? the retailers? or the producers? Remember the producers are paying the greatest share, but as the graphs have shown, their share has significantly reduced.


Has the $1 Billion spent over the past decade in beef marketing been good value for market access, growing demand or levy paying producers.