Dealing with Australian Grass Fed Beef Industry Issues

Australian Beef

SITUATION ANALYSIS     All data sourced from ABARES


Farm gate cattle prices (prices the farmer receives for cattle sold on-farm/in abattoirs/in saleyards) have remained unchanged for the past decade.

There was a slight upward trend following the ban on US imports by Japan and Korea in December 2003. There was a slight decline in price due to the drought in 2006/7. The current decline in price can be attributed to a flooded market, as producers are being forced to sell to service debt, and beat the dry.

Australian farm gate cattle prices are currently about half what producers receive in the USA and Canada. USA and Canada are Australia’s main competitor in the high-value North Asian markets.

Australian farm gate prices are generally lower than prices producers receive in third world economies such as Argentina, Uruguay Paraguay and Brazil.

American cattlemen receive almost double the farm gate prices that Australia cattlemen are paid.