Dealing with Australian Grass Fed Beef Industry Issues

Australian Beef

International Pay Comparison

  • Australia has No BSE, and No FMD
  • Plus we have NLIS tagging system and LPA at great expense.
  • The list goes on and we still have the lowest cattle prices in the developed world.

The graph clearly shows that Australian producers receive the lowest price in the developed world for their cattle.  While our consumers pay more for their beef than people in the USA and other countries.

Comparing to Minimum Annual Wage

To see how Australian cattle prices are faring compared to the minimum wage, look at the graph below. This gives a perspective on how well paid we are, compared to other producers around the world. In Australia a carcass earning $630 is a mere 2% of our minimum annual wage. It takes 50 beasts to equal the minimum wage in Australia.  But in USA less than 10 beasts equals their minimum wage.

It appears that Australian grass fed cattle producers are not appreciated by the industry.

Or are being taken for fools!