Dealing with Australian Grass Fed Beef Industry Issues

Australian Beef

What's the Solution for Grass fed Producers and CCA ?

Þ All payers must be identified and given their full democratic vote. The ‘privacy issue’ is a furphy, as most other rural industries or unions, levy payers are identified and give their votes.

? The restructured CCA must receive all grass fed levy contributions, as do the other Peak Councils, and be empowered to appoint MLA and others with contracts for service, as well as selecting their own marketing and R&D .

The restructured CCA board is to be elected by, and responsible to, its levy payers. It is to be managed for the benefit of the grass fed industry,

The Board is to be transparent, accountable, representative of industry, and democratic.

 Surely this is in direct contrast to what we have now, which is an untouchable bureaucracy operating behind a smoke screen.    The structure we have now allows supermarkets and processors, who contribute the least, to have the most power in industry.